R&D Tax Credits

Guiding clothing business David Luke through complex R&D tax relief claim

“Ayming UK have done a great job explaining the process and managing the claiming of R&D Tax Relief on behalf of David Luke. The scheme is very complex and Ayming UK have the specialist expertise to understand what we do and identify which parts qualify for relief. They have taken up very little of our time and resource and we have received a very worthwhile financial benefit as a result.”


-  Kathryn Shuttleworth, Commercial Director, David Luke

The Projects

David Luke is continuously looking to develop its Eco-Uniform product range and carries out R&D in-house from its Manchester headquarters as well as the Far East. Innovations were found across numerous projects within our client's portfolio, including: 

Identifying & Claiming Eligible R&D Tax Benefits

Eco Blazer fabric development:  David Luke has carried out development work aimed at mimicking the exact texture, appearance and finishing of virgin polyester using recycled polyester.  

Demand Planning & Forecasting Software: David Luke has developed in-house sophisticated DPF software bespoke to its business site layout.  DPF is a business process which involves predicting future demand for products and aligning production and distribution channels accordingly.  

And How We Helped...

The Ayming UK R&D tax team successfully compiled and submitted three claims on behalf of David Luke, identifying:

2011: £37,315 of eligible R&D

2012: £40,715 of eligible R&D

2013: £29,221 of eligible R&D 

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About David Luke

David Luke is a manufacturer and supplier of ethically sourced and fairly traded school garments.