R&D Tax Credits

Generating significant financial and tax benefits to crane manufacturer, Street Crane

“We work with Ayming UK because  they are the experts when it comes to R&D Tax Relief. They have consistently been able to understand what we do and give clear, relevant and actionable advice.  Ayming UK generates significant financial and tax benefits without taking away resource from our core business – the design and manufacture of highly innovative hoists and cranes."


-  Andrew Forrester, Finance Director, Streetcrane

The Projects

Street Crane has a broad range of specialised cranes and automated crane controls, that can be engineered to cope with unusual site conditions, load handling requirements and lifting requirements.   Innovations were found across numerous projects within our client's portfolio, including: 

Identifying & Claiming Eligible R&D Tax Benefits

  • Development of the first ever low cost hoists on the market, capable of providing TVL (True Vertical Lift) for lifts up to 10 tonnes.

  • Enhancement of the ZX10 hoist range enabling faster operations at lower load levels, and a more compact cable routing.

  • Development of a novel compact motor and gearbox system, generating a more streamlined manufacturing process.

  • Improvement of the rope guidance system, increasing durability and safety. 

And How We Helped...

The Ayming UK R&D Tax team has compiled and submitted 13 successful claims for Street Crane, identifying:

2002 – 2006: £533,476 of eligible R&D 

2007 – 2012: £1,855,254 of eligible R&D 

2013 – 2015:  £1,988,784 of eligible R&D 

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About Street Crane

Street Crane is a world-leading manufacturer of advanced electric wire rope hoists and cranes.