R&D Tax Credits

Clarifying complex R&D Tax Relief claims for Digital Electronic Products

“The R&D Tax Relief scheme is complex and time consuming. Ayming UK have helped us to get to grips with it, allowing us to claim the relief we are eligible for without taking up our time or resource. This has meant we have been able to focus on our core business. Overall, we are very happy with the expertise and professionalism demonstrated by Ayming UK."


-  Jack Khan, Finance Director, Digital Electronic Products

The Projects

DEP has dedicated considerable time to R&D over the decades to maintain its industry leading position. The company is constantly extending its product range and developing new printing processes. Innovations were found across numerous projects within our client's portfolio, including: 

Identifying & Claiming Eligible R&D Tax Benefits

Colour Response Coatings: DEP developed coating methods for colour response coatings that are sensitive to heat, light and irradiation. 

Contoured Coatings: DEP developed a concept which improves the ease of lamination and reduces the formation of air bubbles, when adhesive coated sheets are laminated to steel rollers and smooth surfaces.  

Medical Foam Manufacturing: DEP adapted their manufacturing processes to become proficient in the production of high-quality, medically approved foam. 

And How We Helped...

The Ayming UK R&D tax team successfully compiled and submitted four reports on behalf of DEP, identifying:  

2012:  £240,934 of eligible R&D 

2013:  £204,907 of eligible R&D 

2014: £216, 631 of eligible R&D

2015: £182,886 of eligible R&D 

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About Digital Electronic Products 

Digital Electronic Products (DEP) is a leading printing materials supplier that specialises in providing high quality coatings for printable films, litho, screen, flexo and digital printing.