Who We Are

Here at Ayming we have 30 years' experience improving businesses’ operational and financial performance. Drawing on our international expertise, we go the extra mile to realise opportunities to improve your business’ financial and operational performance.  

Our focus is to get to know your people, understand your business, and ultimately maximise your profits and funding through services which deliver long-term value and benefits.  Knowledge and innovation are at the heart of what we do.  

We can help you to successfully claim UK R&D tax credits, secure European innovation grant funding, ensure you’re paying the right European VAT and improve your P&L by optimising your procurement function.  

We pride ourselves on our agility and responsiveness with our dedicated UK team of specialists motivated to deliver the best results and long-term benefits for your business.  Yet as a European leader in our field, our capacity also extends to 16 countries in three continents should you require our help further afield.

Trust the Experts

Our award-winning UK team is committed to empowering our clients to implement long-term performance improvement programmes, adding value to your business and delivering positive change and results.  Ultimately, we are driven by the desire to find solutions which will improve our clients’ overall financial and operational performance.

At Ayming we're not just tax, funding and procurement experts; first and foremost we're technical experts. By employing specialists including scientists, engineers and software developers, alongside tax, innovation, funding and procurement experts, we can work with you to genuinely understand what you do, how you innovate and operate, and therefore how best to improve your business performance.    It's this dual-specialism that allows us to ensure we maximise your returns and deliver long-term financial and operational improvements for your business.


Impeccable Track Record

We Work Harder, Dig Deeper & Make Your Life Easier

We know how busy you are, which is why we're here to take the hassle out of improving your business’ performance. We work directly with the appropriate staff in your business in the most time-effective way so we can do the legwork for you. We know the right questions to ask to get right to the heart of your projects and efficiently collect the information required to support your R&D tax credits claim, H2020 application or to allow us to analyse and improve your procurement function. When it comes to R&D tax credits and European grants, we'll liaise with funding and governing bodies on your behalf, as required, to ensure that the whole process has minimal impact to you and is easy and hassle-free.  

We don’t believe that achieving financial and operational performance improvements for your business should be an onerous process.  We work harder and dig deeper to take the strain out of the process, to achieve the best long-term results for your business and ultimately improve your P&L.