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Expenditure & Income VAT Reviews

The Ayming NHS VAT team can carry out detailed reviews of expenditure (accounts payable) to identify under and over-claimed VAT relating to the contracted-out services regulations, and income (debtors and cash sales) reviews to identify under and over-declared VAT relating to business income for NHS organisations.

We can also review your existing procedures and processes in order to document current practices, determine your current level of VAT awareness and compliance, and to recommend any areas for improvement and/or potential VAT savings or VAT refunds.

Capital VAT Planning

Our NHS VAT team takes an in-depth approach when assisting NHS Trusts with their capital VAT planning. It’s this immersive approach to reviewing capital which ensures we have a full understanding of the nature and use of each scheme and to verify that all information is available in order to maximise VAT recovery.

We can review schemes proactively from the outset (including at feasibility stage), or reactively at either the scheme’s commencement or completion. Where necessary, we will seek approval from HMRC on your behalf.

Business Activities & Partial Exemption Methods

For many NHS Trusts, in order to maximise input tax recovery and minimise the impact of partial exemption, a tailored business/non-business and partial exemption method is required. Our NHS VAT team will undertake a review to submit on your behalf to HMRC based upon the Framework issued by HMRC in October 2013. Once approved, you will be advised of your partial exemption restriction percentage which can be applied to future VAT returns, thus minimising any large year-end adjustments.

Charitable funds VAT relief

The supply of certain goods, either hired or purchased by or for an NHS body can be zero-rated provided they are paid for wholly from charitable or voluntary contributions, and meet certain other conditions. The Ayming NHS VAT team can review your certification process and purchases made from charitable funds to ensure that all available VAT relief has been gained. Where we believe VAT has been charged incorrectly, we can seek VAT refunds from suppliers on your behalf by way of credit notes. We will also ensure that all staff within your Trust responsible for charitable expenditure are kept up to date with ongoing support and guidance.