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Submitting an R&D Tax Credits Claim With Ayming by Your Side

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Your business may be eligible for R&D incentives even if you are not in the science and technology sector. Our team of technical specialists are experienced tax and accounting professionals and will guide you through the entire process.

In this article, discover our process for helping you submit an R&D tax credit claim.

Step 1 – understanding your business and processes

You’ll be assigned an Ayming consultant and a dedicated team that are experts in your industry to help manage your claim. This team will arrange interviews with key members of your team to gain a detailed understanding of your business and processes, giving them the foundation to build a robust R&D claim on your behalf.

Step 2 – compiling a comprehensive R&D report  

We’ll work with you to make sure we fully understand your R&D project and activities as well as its technicalities, goals, and objectives. This will help to uncover all qualifying R&D expenditure and identify whether you qualify for the SME or RDEC tax credit scheme.

We’ll also review your financial data to calculate how much you can claim and compile a comprehensive R&D tax credit report for you to include in your CT600 and tax return, and the Additional Information Form  that is now required for making an R&D claim.

What is a CT600?

A CT600 is a form that your accountant will fill out as a part of your company’s tax return. It’s a form that calculates the amount of corporate tax your business owes over a 12-month accounting period. 

Your R&D claim must be included within a tax return, including a completed CT600 and tax computation . It gives HMRC access to all the information they need, allowing them to iron out any errors they may spot in claims.  

Step 3 – submitting your claim

Once we’ve completed your claim report, we’ll share it with you for feedback before submitting it to HMRC. Our strong, longstanding relationship with HMRC means we know exactly what they’re looking for, and we’ll make sure we include all the necessary information in the claim. We will also fill out the Additional Information Form on your behalf.

Ayming will be with you throughout the entire R&D tax claims process to keep you up to date with the status of your claim and to answer any questions you may have. Plus, if HMRC has questions, we’ll be onside to answer those too.

Step 4 – maximising your claim

We don’t stop once we have submitted your claim, we can advise you on best practices in recording R&D activity within your projects to help with your future claims, business processes, and how you can better approach future innovation. We can also advise on how you can utilise R&D tax credits to improve your cash flow.

Unlock your innovation potential with Ayming

With over £900m in benefit received by our UK clients, we’re well-placed to guide you through the complexities of the R&D tax credit process. 

If you think your business may be eligible for R&D incentives or you need help with your current claim, contact Ayming today to see how we can help.