Future Food-Tech summit

17 Oct
Park Plaza, London River Bank
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We’re proud to announce that Ayming is a Silver Partner at this year’s Future Food-Tech summit held at the Park Plaza London Riverbank this October.

Ayming will also be hosting a roundtable as part of the event’s programme of interactive sessions. Led by Ashley Pollock, Assistant Manager for Innovation, we’ll be discussing innovation funding mechanisms and how new product development (NPD) can help benefit the bottom line.

About the roundtable

FUNDING INNOVATION: In an age of disruption, how are big organisations optimising their NPD spend?

We’ll be discussing:
  • Technology as an enabler and barrier
  • Funding strategy and NPD process
  • Common challenges faced with funding streams
Your host:

Ashley Pollock is Assistant Manager, Innovation at Ayming, specialising in the food industry. She has a degree in Food Science from Stellenbosch University in South Africa. With six years’ experience of food product development and innovation in both the UK and South Africa, Ashley has worked in innovation for household names, including Woolworths in South Africa and Lily’s Kitchen and Belazu Ingredient Company in the UK.

About the event

Connecting Global Leaders, Innovators and Investors to Map Out the Future of Food

Now in its 5th year, the Future Food-Tech Summit returns to London and brings together over 500 leaders, senior executives, pioneering innovators and VCs from around the globe. The international innovation and networking summit offers a platform to share ideas, cultivate high-impact partnerships and push forward new solutions to the food system’s most pressing issues.

This year, across two days of panels, fireside debates, keynote presentations and roundtable discussions, we will explore topics across alternative proteins, the intersection of health and nutrition, ingredient innovation, gut health, cellular agriculture and the future of retail.

Key summit themes:
  • Innovating and Collaborating to Transform Our Food System
  • Transforming Health Outcomes through Ingredient Innovation
  • Opportunities at the Intersection of Food and Health
  • Taste, Texture & Nutrition: Ushering in the Next Generation of Alternative Proteins
  • How the Words We Use Influence the Foods We Eat
  • Constructing Robust Supply Chains to Offer the Plant-Based Products of Tomorrow
  • The State of European Food-Tech in 2019
  • Blockchain in action: Towards Traceability Across the Food Supply Chain
  • Crystal Ball Session: What Does Food Retail & Delivery Look Like in 2030?
  • How are consumption habits changing our food system?
  • Personalised Nutrition: In Science and Adoption, Have We Reached a Tipping Point?
  • Our Gut Feeling: The Link Between Microbiome and the Brain
  • Overcoming Obstacles to Scale for Cultured Meat and Proteins
  • Communicating the Value of Food-Tech to the Consumer
  • New Models for Value-Driven Innovation in Big Corporates

For insights in the food & beverage sector, written by Ashley Pollock, download your copy of “An appetite for change” here:  

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For more information and to register to attend:

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