Ayming Group

Ayming is an international consultancy group, formed from the 2015 merger of Alma Consulting Group and Lowendalmasaï.  Headquartered in Paris, France, we’ve been operating for the last 30 years and have offices in 16 countries, across Europe, Asia and North America. We turned over in excess of €157m in 2017, and are a team of more than 1300 people worldwide.  

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, from start-ups to blue chips, and across a wide range of industries. As a group, all of our services are focused on improving businesses’ performance, across three main areas: Finance & Innovation, Operations and HR. All our services are defined by three key factors:

Secure - managing and preventing risks

Accelerate  - optimising processes, organisational structure and financing

Anticipate - identifying and capitalising on opportunities for business growth and improvement



We take a global approach, providing organisations with consultancy solutions that will improve their overall business performance. We call these our Performance Value Programs.

These solutions are bespoke to your business and challenges, designed to significantly improve your performance. Delivering tangible and measurable results, they provide all the necessary levers to 'secure, accelerate and anticipate' opportunities for growth and improvement. 

We are a trusted partner to our clients, providing long-term solutions, support and advice to help develop, improve and grow their businesses. We take a proactive approach and work collaboratively with our clients to achieve the best solutions for their challenges and tangible benefits and results.

Our own business is driven by a culture of 'Open Performance'. Our teams are driven by innovation and the ability to identify areas of business performance improvement you may not have even considered.