Post-pandemic life: it’s not all Zoom and gloom

25 Mar
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Events & Webinars

Join us and peek into the future with Richard Watson, Futurist and friend of Ayming, who will be sharing his thoughts on the pandemic, how it has changed us and what it means for innovation and the future of work.

Amongst other things, Richard will share his views on:

  • Whether anyone saw Covid-19 coming and if so, why weren’t people more prepared?
  • What are the implications of Covid-19 on innovation?
  • What is the future of work post-pandemic?

Date: 25 March 2021

Time: 18:00 – 19:30 GMT

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About Richard

Richard Watson is an author, lecturer and scenario thinker who helps people to think further ahead, especially about new opportunities and risks. However, he is probably best known as a designer of ‘maps’ intended to provoke debate. The Financial Times called these “Brave”, while Business Insider said they might “Blow your mind”.

He is currently Futurist-in-Residence at the Entrepreneurship Centre at the Judge School at Cambridge University. Before this he worked with the Technology Foresight Practice at Imperial College London.

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