Webinar: R&D tax relief claims: Insights into HMRC enquiries

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Join us for an insightful webinar on the changing landscape of R&D tax scheme: Insights into HMRC enquiries

What does an enquiry look like, and what does it mean? Have you considered the chances of your R&D tax claim undergoing an HMRC compliance check? These questions hold significant importance for companies seeking to understand and navigate the evolving R&D tax landscape effectively.

The webinar will delve into the intricacies of the R&D tax scheme, shedding light on the factors that may trigger an HMRC compliance check. Understanding what an enquiry entails and its implications is crucial for businesses aiming to maintain compliance and optimise their R&D tax claims.

Key Topics to Be Discussed:

  1. Understanding HMRC compliance checks and their implications for businesses
  2. Assessment of the chances of an R&D tax claim going to enquiry
  3. HMRC’s approach to enforcing compliance and the reasons behind the changes in the R&D tax scheme
  4. Implications of HMRC compliance checks and the revised R&D tax scheme for companies
  5. Strategies and best practices for companies to navigate HMRC compliance checks and optimise their R&D tax claims

Your hosts

Ben Craig is an Associate Director in R&D Tax at Ayming UK and part of the consulting leadership team. He has an MMath from the University of Oxford and is a Member of the Association of Tax Technicians. Ben oversees the delivery process for Ayming’s major clients, engaging with key stakeholders and project managing a team of consultants. In addition, he is responsible for HMRC interactions on behalf of Ayming, carries out quality assurance reviews of both technical reports and financial calculations and coordinates Ayming’s internal training programme.