Webinar: The Autumn Statement, a single R&D scheme, and what it all means

What's in the Autumn statement and what it means for your claims

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Join Benjamin Craig, Associate R&D Tax Director at Ayming, as he explains key announcements from this year’s Autumn Statement and the impending merged R&D incentive scheme.

Due to the high demand on the previous webinar regarding the new merged R&D tax scheme, we will be running an additional webinar. This webinar will cover the Autumn statement as well as the new proposed R&D scheme. As the draft legislation currently stands, all companies will be directed towards a unified scheme for eligible R&D expenditure incurred on or after 1st April 2024, signifying the discontinuation of the current SME R&D tax relief scheme. There is an ongoing consultation for feedback on the draft legislation, which the government will ratify at a future fiscal event.

This seismic policy shift carries substantial implications for businesses aiming to leverage R&D tax incentives effectively. We’ll provide a clear understanding of these changes and how your claim would be affected under the merged scheme.

Key topics we will cover:

  1. Key announcements in the Autumn Statement
  2. Upcoming changes to the R&D tax relief schemes
  3. Generosity: How big is the benefit, and how might it change?
  4. Eligibility: What costs can I include now, and what’s coming in 2024?
  5. How do we treat subcontracting and subsidies?
  6. What is the ‘intensive scheme’?

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Your host

Ben Craig is an Associate Director in R&D Tax at Ayming UK and part of the consulting leadership team. He has an MMath from the University of Oxford and is a Member of the Association of Tax Technicians. Ben oversees the delivery process for Ayming’s major clients, engaging with key stakeholders and project managing a team of consultants. In addition, he is responsible for HMRC interactions on behalf of Ayming, carries out quality assurance reviews of both technical reports and financial calculations, and coordinates Ayming’s internal training programme.