Webinar: Changes to overseas costs in R&D tax claims

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Join us for an enlightening webinar on the changing landscape of R&D tax scheme: Impact on claiming for overseas costs.

The realm of research and development (R&D) tax incentives is undergoing a significant transformation, one area of concern is the eligibility criteria for claiming overseas costs. This webinar aims to explore the implications of these changes and shed light on how companies can navigate the evolving landscape of R&D tax schemes effectively.

The UK government has recently introduced a revised policy regarding the claiming of overseas costs under the R&D tax scheme. This policy aims to refocus R&D tax incentives on domestic research and innovation, aligning with the government’s goal of driving economic growth and job creation within the country.

The changes in the R&D tax scheme have triggered diverse reactions among companies, particularly those with significant overseas operations. While some organisations are reconsidering their R&D strategies and redirecting investments towards domestic research activities, others are grappling with the implications of reduced access to tax incentives for their international R&D efforts.

Key Topics to Be Discussed:

  1. Overview of the changes in the R&D tax scheme and their impact on claiming for overseas costs
  2. Understanding the rationale behind the policy shift and its implications for businesses
  3. Strategies for optimising R&D investments and focusing on domestic research capabilities
  4. Challenges and opportunities arising from the evolving landscape of R&D tax incentives

Your hosts

Mark Herrity is a highly regarded tax specialist with a masters degree in Computer Science from UCL. He has extensive experience in advising businesses on R&D tax incentives and compliance. With a strong background in taxation and a deep understanding of the R&D landscape, Mark brings a wealth of knowledge to help companies navigate the complexities of R&D tax schemes and maximise their tax benefits.