Customs Consultancy Services

We understand that customs duties can be a time-consuming and complex area – let us help you to reduce your importation costs and ensure your trade continues to operate efficiently and compliantly, whatever Brexit may bring.

Our range of customs consultancy services are designed to help save you money. These include:

Customs & International Trade Advisory Services

We offer a range of customs and duty advisory services and ‘hands on’ support for our clients. From duty advice to support with HMRC International Trade visits, we are here to help. We are also happy to help you understand what Brexit could mean for your business, as well as what imminent free trade agreements with Vietnam and Canada could bring in terms of importing and/or exporting opportunities.

Customs Reclaim Opportunities & Optimisation

We can undertake a range of reviews to ensure that your processes and costs are optimised and any opportunities for cost recovery are identified. We will take the time to understand your international supply chain before providing recommendations on how to reduce and/or recover any overpaid import duty and any other relevant taxes.

Our reviews cover classification, origin preferences, valuation and customs procedures, and can cover up to three previous years. If opportunities for recovery are identified as part of your review, we can undertake any reclaims on your behalf, including liaison with Customs authorities. Essentially, we will do all the work for you, ensuring demands on your time are negligible.

Customs Compliance & Third Party Auditing

It’s essential to ensure that your business is following best practice Customs compliance. We therefore offer a Customs Compliance review, which includes a benchmark against best practice as well as an assessment of your import processes and procedures. This review can be conducted as either a standalone service, or in conjunction with a Reclaim Opportunity & Optimisation review.

In addition, we also offer quarterly and annual audits of your import entries, utilising HMRC Management Support System (MSS) data.

Binding Tariff Rulings and Tariff Code Reviews

We can work on our clients’ behalf to collate ruling applications, drawing on the rules of classification, binding rulings, legal and regulatory precedent and applicable explanatory notes (e.g. HSEN and CNEN) to build a strong case.

If you utilise multiple tariff codes, binding rulings are often not practical for your whole range. In these circumstances, we offer an assessment of import classifications making use of our extensive classification experience.

If you operate in multiple jurisdictions, we can also help you ensure alignment with localised classifications.

Appealing Customs Decisions & Assessments

In the majority of cases you have the right to appeal should HMRC issue a decision or assessment. We can draft a letter of review for your organisation or provide support with a First Tier Tribunal for decisions relating to BTI (Binding Tariff Rulings) and Post Clearance Demand Notes (C18).

Customs Procedures

Companies see customs procedures as a potential solution to many of the potential problems brought by Brexit. Regardless of how complicated your supply chain is, you should only ever pay import duty once. Even then, as an importer you can legally delay, reduce or remove liability for import duty and other levies. We can help you to implement effective customs procedures to ensure duty is only paid once in a supply chain. This covers:

  • Customs Warehousing
  • IPR (Inward Processing Relief)
  • OPR (Outward Processing Relief)
  • PCC (Processing under Customs Control)

Duty Suspensions 

We can assist you with applications for duty suspensions, which will provide you with duty free access for raw materials not available in the EU. It should be noted that there are only two applications for duty suspensions per year.

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

We can help you achieve Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status. Companies must demonstrate that they meet certain standards of Customs competence and security in order to become an AEO. This status can be particularly beneficial when applying for the aforementioned Customs procedures. We can offer support throughout this process from an initial feasibility assessment, through to navigating the application process, implementation and on-going management.

Customs Import & Export Training

We are able to deliver in-house training sessions for a range of your teams, including finance, NPD, procurement, customs and logistics. All of our training is bespoke to your organisation, taking into consideration your particular products, processes and challenges. Our aim is to ensure our training is always accessible, understandable, and hopefully enjoyable too. We want your personnel from all disciplines to take away practical knowledge that they can apply to their day-to-day roles and responsibilities.