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R&D Claim Analyser

R&D Claim Analyser

The R&D Claim Analyser allows companies to evaluate their R&D Tax Claims focusing on three key areas: Claim Optimisation, Claim Process and Claim Risk. The tool is free-to-use, takes only 10 minutes to complete, and generates a comprehensive analysis report bespoke to the companies’ input.

We’ve developed the online R&D Claim Analyser to make sure that companies are making the most of their R&D incentive claims. Across the industry, whether by rogue consultancies or in-house tax teams without adequate understanding of this area of tax, claims are being submitted to HMRC that either over exaggerate qualifying expenditure, which increases risk and opens companies up to an enquiry from HMRC, or underestimate expenditure, meaning companies aren’t getting the tax relief or credits they deserve.

Ayming is dedicated to the industry, as a whole, submitting high-quality, robust and comprehensive R&D tax claims in order to maximise benefit for businesses, to encourage government to increase spend in innovation, and to further the fields of science and technology in the UK.

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How will the R&D Claim Analyser help me?

  • Self assessment
    Tailored analysis based on your sector, company size and the answers you provide.
  • 3 key areas of focus
    Select one, two, or all three areas to focus your evaluation. The key areas are Claim Value, Claim Process and Claim Risk.
  • 10 minutes completion time
    In a hurry? The self assessment takes less than ten minutes to complete and provides you with a comprehensive report you can read at your leisure.
  • Bespoke report
    Answer the questions to receive a comprehensive, bespoke report that is tailored to your business.
  • Expert feedback
    Benefit from the combined, extensive experience of Ayming’s R&D consulting teams.
  • Peace of mind
    Ensure you’re making the most of your R&D incentive claim. In the 10 minutes it takes to complete the assessment you can get peace of mind knowing that you’re making the most of your R&D incentive claim.