Qualifying for R&D Tax Credits

Does your business qualify for R&D tax credits? There are a few simple criteria that you must meet in order to claim R&D tax relief.

First and foremost, will you be classified as an SME or a Large Company?

SME Definition

For the purposes of R&D tax relief, a business wishing to claim under the SME R&D tax credit scheme must have:

  • Less than 500 employees...

                  ...and either

  • An annual turnover less than €100 million...


  • A balance sheet less than €86 million.

Large Company Definition

When it comes to the Large Company definition for R&D tax purposes, it's much simpler. In a nutshell, if you don't fit the SME criteria above then you are categorised as a Large Company.

R&D Tax Credit Criteria

Once you know which R&D tax credit scheme you will qualify for, you just need to check that your business fulfils all the points in the relevant checklist below.Click image to enlarge...

What next?

Your business fits the criteria as either an eligible SME or large company? Great! So what's next? Find out more about: