Private Equity Investments Performance

Delivering Value for Private Equity

The Ayming UK Operations Performance team has an excellent track record increasing the value of private equity investments across a wide variety of sectors. We operate as a trusted partner and advisor to private equity firms, offering tailored services across the investment lifecycle, whilst tracking and measuring their P&L impact.


Due-diligence & deal support

We can support either the sell-side or buy-side of private equity, identifying cost optimisation opportunities across businesses’ external spend through analysis of their procurement and supply chain. Our consultants have experience conducting this kind of due diligence often with very limited information, adhering to agreed exclusivity terms. Our experience enables us to quickly identify relevant metrics and parameters, which allow us to effectively size the optimisation potential.  

Beyond identification of cost savings from procurement and supply chain, we can also look at specific business areas to identify cost optimisation opportunities and areas to drive efficiencies.   

When it comes to company mergers, our team can provide deal support by identifying synergies between the businesses involved at due-diligence stage.

Regardless of whether you’re sell-side or buy-side, we can provide due-diligence and deal support services including:

  • Procurement & supply chain due diligence
  • Clean data room analytics
  • Operational due-diligence


Opportunity Identification

Once an acquisition or merger has taken place, we can identify the key transformation opportunities and build a detailed roadmap to support the implementation of transformation plans. Our private equity advisory team will assess the maturity of your practice, processes and organisation, identifying areas for improvement and development ensuring that you are best placed to successfully undergo the transformation required.

Our opportunity identification services include:

  • Procurement & supply chain diagnostics
  • Procurement maturity assessments
  • Post-Merger Integration (PMI) synergy identification

Transformation & Turnaround

Once you’ve identified and mapped out your business transformation, our private equity advisory team can support with the design and rollout of your transformation programme. We are able to design the best-fit organisation for the required transformation, often becoming an extension of our client’s team to help implement these changes. Our main objectives are typically to help build up and develop the organisation, realise sustainable cost reductions and empower the individuals and teams involved to sustain the benefits going forward.  

Our flexible approach means we can provide flexible support from an advisory position through to hands-on implementation, with services typically including:

  • Procurement & supply chain strategy and transformation
  • Procurement organisational design and capability development
  • Logistics optimisation

Implementation & Management

Once your transformation programme is underway and your key initiatives launched, it's important to ensure changes are managed and monitored to ensure momentum is maintained. Our private equity advisory team can help ensure your change programme is successful and delivers long-term benefits for all stakeholders.

We also often find that some categories or areas may require further attention. We're able to help with key tasks such as new process implementation, development of your team's capabilities and skills and the identification and appointment of new suppliers.

Essentially, we're here to help make sure this important stage of the investment lifecycle runs smoothly. We'll ensure that savings opportunities are realised both now and in the long-term and, most importantly, that any savings achieved are identifiable in your P&L.

Our key services are:

  • Programme & category management
  • Savings tracking & compliance measurement
  • Procurement technology