NEWS 26 October 2015

UK team celebrates milestone for £100m R&D tax benefits claimed

Committed to empowering clients long-term performance; Aymings award-winning UK team celebrate £100 million of R&D tax milestone.

October 2015 has marked a milestone delivery for our UK team, having achieved more than £100 million of R&D tax benefits for our clients to date.  As part of Europe's largest specialist R&D tax team, we're delighted to have been able to help our UK client base to benefit from such a significant sum of R&D tax credits and relief.



Martin Hook, UK Managing Director, has commented:

“Being able to draw on the expertise of an international Group, which has claimed nearly €1bn of R&D tax benefits for clients globally and operates in countries where the R&D tax schemes are much more mature than the UK, has allowed us to develop a robust and future-proof service for our clients. A key factor to our healthy growth is our specialist delivery team which, as expected, includes not only in-depth tax knowledge, but also technical expertise within our clients’ industries. It's this hybrid expertise which has been integral to maximising our clients' R&D tax claims.” 


We hope you'll join us in celebrating this significant milestone, which benefits of all of our innovative UK clients.  We're now looking forward to achieving the next £100 million, and beyond, for our diverse client base!