R&D Tax Credits

Providing fantastic opportunity in R&D Tax Relief for pioneering designer, Yoomi

“At Yoomi, innovation is absolutely integral to what we do, and the R&D Tax Relief represents a fantastic opportunity. However, the process to claim the relief is highly complex. Ayming UK have provided fantastic expert support to help us to claim a significant credit which has been of great benefit to the business."


-  Jim Shaikh, CEO, Yoomi

The Projects

Over the past few years, Yoomi has made an enormous leap forward in the development of bottled milk warming techniques.

Innovations were found across numerous projects within our client's portfolio, including: 

Identifying & Claiming Eligible R&D Tax Benefits

A microwave case, which allows the heating mechanism in the Yoomi bottle to be charged in 60 seconds, rather than 25 minutes.

Safety mechanisms, to prevent the bottle from becoming overheated and to prevent the case from breaking.

Process improvements, allowing the manufacturing process to be carried out faster and more efficiently. 

And How We Helped...

The Ayming UK R&D tax team has compiled and submitted three claims on behalf of Yoomi, identifying:  

2012:  £177, 153 of eligible R&D

2013:  £190, 642 of eligible R&D 

2014: £166, 169 of eligible R&D

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About Yoomi

Yoomi is a pioneering designer and manufacturer of self-heated baby feeding bottles.